Tommy Sr. got involved with the tattoo industry making hand made high quality tattooing needles and also tattooing on the side at a tattoo shop in Enfield CT.


Tommy Sr was the first one to discover the pigments the have now become one of the worlds biggest and top sellers!


Tommy Sr has now resided in Arizona selling his home made high quality tattooing needles internationally and domestically while travelling to all tattoo shops in his surrounding areas to make good business relationships.


Tom Ringwalt Jr. partners with his father, Tom Sr., to run Tommy’s Supplies. Steps were taken to trademark StarBrite Colors. From then on, the Ringwalt’s mixed, produced, and owned the trademark name, StarBrite Colors.


StarBrite Colors began the process of being chemically tested for ingredients. From then on, ALL StarBrite Colors that left the fulfilment department have been gamma treated for maximum safety. StarBrite was one of the first large scale ink manufacturer to do this.


Because of forgery and the difficulty in policing the whole world for knock offs, StarBrite Colors took on a new bottle, caps, seals, and even a new die cut label. Not only did this help with the copy cats, but also elevated the look and feel. We even changed the way we do business internationally!


With the growing number of StarBrite Colors, we tapped well known artists to add to our pallette. We call these Signature Colors. With artists specializing in different styles, we felt this was a great idea to expand our offerings.


StarBrite Colors becomes trademarked in six additional countries: Australia, China, Europe, Philipines, Singapore, and Thailand.


StarBrite Colors reaches over 150 distributors worldwide, and tops out at 100 colors offered!


StarBrite Colors begins to emerge as it’s own brand. The logo has been modfied slightly an the tagline added “Goes in Stays in”. Development and ideas of a new identity and website begin as internal projects.


The CTS, Coalition for tattoo safety went full force. Ushering a new era in protecting against fraud, contamination, and laws that benifit the tatoo industry. Giving artists and manufacturer a voice on the world stage.


We are proud to introduce the new branding and website for Tommy's StarBrite Colors! More fraud resistant and safer for our loyal customers.