Tom Ringwalt, the visionary behind Tommy's StarBrite Colors, introduced a premium tattoo ink that revolutionized the industry, setting a new standard for vibrant colors worldwide. His dedication to quality and safety has made StarBrite Colors a timeless favorite, known for maintaining its brilliant hues with minimal fading over the years.

In 1994, Tommy Sr. founded Tommy’s Supplies, prioritizing the safety of customers and their clients above all else. Through ongoing research and investment, Tommy’s Supplies has continuously enhanced the safety and reliability of Tommy's StarBrite Colors, earning a reputation as one of the most trusted tattoo ink brands globally.

Tom Ringwalt's commitment to innovation led to the rebranding of Tommy's StarBrite Colors with a modernized logo reflecting their dedication to excellence. Every ink is meticulously sterilized and produced in a certified class 100,000a class clean room to exceed international health standards, staying ahead of industry regulations.

Working closely with experts in chemistry, science, dermatology apt safety organizations across the board, Tom Jr. ensures that every product from Tommy’s Supplies upholds the highest safety and quality standards. Customers can trust in Tommy’s Supplies to deliver inks that not only meet but exceed expectations, setting a new benchmark for safety and reliability in the industry.

To distinguish genuine StarBrite Colors from competitors, look for Tommy’s Supplies' signature black twist caps, clear bottles, sealed bottles, and unique style labels bearing the company's address at 34 Egypt Road, Unit A, Somers, CT 06071, and the registered trademark symbol. This ensures you are receiving the superior product backed by Tommy’s Supplies' commitment to excellence.

As the exclusive owner of the trademarked name "StarBrite Colors," Tommy’s Supplies takes pride in producing and bottling all StarBrite products in the United States. Any product lacking the trademark symbol, the company's address, or the Tommy’s Supplies branding is not an authentic Tommy’s Supplies product.

For verification of the clean room production and gamma irradiation of StarBrite Colors, as well as proof of ownership and registration by Tommy’s Supplies, do not hesitate to reach out for documentation. Your loyalty to Tommy's StarBrite Colors & Tommy’s Supplies is greatly appreciated, and we invite you to stay tuned for exciting updates to our brand. Follow us on Facebook & Instagram @starbritecolors and @tommyssupplies for the latest news and developments. Thank you for being a part of our extended family, where passion and dedication set us apart in the industry.



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